Developing Training Materials

The Course Development Process

If the training specialist has followed the ADDIE instructional design model, then the prior steps will provide solid rightparation for the course development process. The course developers will have access to the following information:

The Role of the Course Developer

A good course developer understands both instructional design and training delivery.
When the course developer creates content, two questions are paramount:

  • Does this material meet the learning objectives?
  • Will the material work in the classroom?

For example, an instructional design document might call for an activity where learners gather into small groups and discuss case-based scenarios. It's the course developer's responsibility to write scenarios that will interest the learners and promote discussion. If the course developer doesn't understand classroom dynamics, those scenarios might fall flat or seem contrived.

The Course Development Team

The course development team can include writers, editors, graphic designers, e-learning programmers, usability experts, and project managers. Some people may be needed for the entire course development process, while other people may be called in to accomplish just a few specific tasks.