Here you are listened to and your suggestions are heard and taken on-board

A career at ILLAFTrain is a career in a world-class company. We’re proud of our heritage, our valuable brands and our continual growth as a respected and highly thought-of organization. We provide precise ILLAFTrain and valuable knowledge to customers internationally, continually seeking new ways to deliver it and keeping us at the cutting edge of ILLAFTrain provision.

Our success is down to our hard-working and talented people who are committed to our customers and the niche industries in which we operate.

Our people are fundamental to every action we take, every piece of knowledge we impart, every title we publish and every event or training course we produce. It's their expertise and experience that powers our success, and in return, we want to help power our peoples’ careers. If you’d like to join us, have a look through our career pages and get in touch.

Why Work For ILLAFTrain?

Our global successes, and there have been many, are because our incredibly talented people make them happen. We’re an award-winning employer and one of the most respected names in training industry.
A career at ILLAFTrain provides employees with industry-leading reward packages, training programs recognized for their excellence and opportunities for international travel and job progression.
Motivation runs high at ILLAFTrain, our results are excellent and our belief in doing the right thing for the right reasons runs through our veins. Indeed, our Be Involved Corporate Responsibility programs is at our core and helps us deliver results, with responsibility.
For ILLAFTrain as large, global company, our business divisions work with agility and autonomy. This means employees can make a difference in their actions and careers.

Diversity & Inclusiveness

Diversity comes naturally to us at ILLAFTrain. With more than 60 employees in over 10 countries, being diverse is second nature. Yet, more than location, our style revolves around respect, fairness and working together to achieve our goals. Indeed, being a fair and inclusive employer helps us go the extra mile to get the best possible result for our customers, marketplaces and communities. We support our people, to be able to succeed.

Recruitment Tips

Applying to jobs at an ILLAFTrain business

We want you to show us just how good you are, so have provided some practical tips to help you shine. As a global company, our recruitment processes will vary from region to region, but this is a good starting point.

Covering letters

These are important. They are the first step to showing you’ve thought about how your skills and talent match the needs of our business and a specific role. Your covering letter doesn’t need to be long, but does need to be factual. One page should be plenty. Use a job reference number or details of where you found the role. Explain why you want the role and highlight why you will be suitable. Highlight your ‘transferable skills’, for instance, what you’ve done well in other roles that you think will help you in this role. Also, let us know your current salary and your expectations. And two other very important items; do not use a standard covering letter that you’ve used elsewhere as we want to know that this role is important to you; plus always check that your letter is grammatically correct.

Writing a CV

These are often the fundamental part of applying for a role, and like a covering letter, should be factually correct as well as tailored to fit the job for which you are applying.  Getting it right is often the best way to get an interview.  A CV does not need to be too wordy – 2 pages about right.

It goes without saying that your name, address, phone numbers and email address are essential. Tell us, also, which way you prefer to be contacted.

Tell us about your work experience, with the most recent position at the top, working backwards through your career history. Bulletpoints or short sentences help. Let us know how good you are – what you achieved in each role, your responsibilities, skills used or developed. Avoid embellishment and inaccuracies – these are likely to be found out.  Financials, budget sizes, size of team etc all support your application and paint a picture of your experience. Providing examples of your work can be a good idea, if relevant and possible.

Next, let us know about your education. Qualifications and grades, universities and extra occupational training are useful to know.

It helps us to know your key skills.  Are you an expert with technology, is customer service your forte? Or what about financials, strategy, analysis, editorial or conference production?  Have you lived overseas, do you speak more than one language?

It’s good, too, to add hobbies. It’s interesting to see what you do outside of work. 


If you’ve made it through to an interview at one of ILLAFTrain’s businesses, it’s a good opportunity for us to both ensure we are right for each other. We use different interview and assessment techniques depending on the role you’re applying for and the location where you’re being interviewed. Below is a list of assessment techniques that may be used – they help us understand you and they are also excellent at highlighting your abilities.

  • An Assessment Centre is a method to find out strengths and development needs. They tend to be a number of specific exercises, sometimes online or on paper, sometimes face to face, which showcase an applicant’s abilities.
  • Group Discussions help us to assess people who are applying for roles that utilise team-working skills.
  • Ability Tests provide a measurement of ability or aptitude, perhaps in verbal or numerical skills.
  • Behavioral interviews use questions that show us how applicants have dealt with certain situations before, and their outcomes. 
  • Biographical interviews use a CV as a basis, talking about employment or education, achievements and career choices.

All our interviewing techniques are widely used processes. They are important to ensure we hire the right people for the job, but equally to make sure the role is right for your skills, talent and personality.

We wish you the best of luck.