Think green

The continued intent of ILLAFTrain’s environmental responsibility rests in our corporate objective to help our customer reduce their carbon footprint. How? By helping them gradually shift their traditional training environment from being paper-based to becoming cyber-based. We have already made significant impact by helping numerous large global companies reduce employee paper usage in supporting product launches by fully leveraging the power of technology. Consequently, ILLAFTrain’s “raison d’etre” is naturally a “carbon footprint” reduction system in support of tomorrow’s enterprise.

Here are some of the ways we Think Green:

  • We have a Green IT department! They always make smart green choices when purchasing computers and peripheral with low and Energy-Star ratings and make sure what is replaced gets recycled or donated and re-used.
  • Our HR department and payroll is predominantly paper-free.
  • Our training product lends itself to protecting the environment, it helps reduce the carbon footprint of everyone it reduces reliance on paper consumption in training and working.
  • We have paperless invoicing.
  • Our marketing materials are made from recycled materials.
  • Open office layout allows sunlit workspace.
  • We are committed to recycling and using recycled materials, double sided printing, and print only when we absolutely have to!
  • Our Virtual Workplace Policy- remote workforce approach combining telecommuting and car-share policies further reducing commuter travel and fuel emissions.