About Us

What is ILLAFTrain?

It is an independent professional institution that provides comprehensive training solutions that meet the needs of trainees, wherever they are. We offer specific and high-level professional training standards with the aim of advancing training and development to the highest levels.

It is a training institution licensed in Manchester, England. The name ILLAFTrain is an abbreviation for the “International Learning and Leadership Advanced Foundation.” The word “Train” was appended to denote the institution’s area of work – training.

Our Vision

ILLAFTrain seeks to become the best and most reliable training institution, by ensuring its commitment to the highest ethical standards, credibility, quality, and excellence in training and development.

Our Mission

To enhance quality, credibility, and excellence in training and development by working on building the personal and technical skills of ILLAFTrain trainees, and by offering the highest levels of training to contribute to the success of their businesses.

Values and principles

  • To provide a friendly atmosphere aimed at promoting excellence in high-level training, and unrivaled services by offering ILLAFTrain clients the best training experiences
  • To listen to the trainees and work with them as one team in order to design, develop, and launch training services that fit their needs
  • To achieve impressive results by activating the Franchise Network in ILLAFTrain and reinforcing teamwork among our staff
  • To turn ILLAFTrain into the best training institution, through focusing on the development of our staff and the success of the trainees, trainers, and administrators at ILLAFTrain.

ILLAFTrain – A partner with widespread presence

Since it was established in 1996, ILLAFTrain has offered many high-level training solutions to over 47554 trainees in more than 20 countries: Turkey, Spain, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, France, the United Kingdom, the United States, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Yemen, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq. ILLAFTrain has offices in most of these countries.

ILLAFTrain has a huge team of the best professional trainers from across the region. Their work is administered by a team of professional training managers, whose task is to ensure the delivery of high training standards and the best training methods to ILLAFTrain trainees around the world.