Regular enrollment

You can register for courses every day. The registration date for each course usually ends one week before its beginning. Classes are filled on a first come first serve basis. If there are no vacant places, your name will be added to a waiting list, and you will be informed once a place becomes available.

This type of registration is for persons from small companies that do not have a sufficient number of employees to start full courses, or even individuals from large companies who cannot start full courses for several reasons, such as conflicting schedules.

Special courses

We offer complete courses for your company. The courses are given at first class rooms, in the presence of an trainer and all necessary equipment, training aids, and manuals.

Special courses given at your facility

This type of courses is given at a venue designated by your company, furnished with the necessary equipment and training aids. We provide the trainer and the necessary manuals. This type of courses is given to your employees, and fees are per day of training.

One-to- one

This kind of service targets trainees who lack the time to join group courses. In such courses, a trainer will be allocated for each trainee or a small group of two, but not exceeding three trainees. The course can be given at the trainee’s own office. This allows the possibility to focus on specific needs or modify the course to suit the trainee, who may need to use the regular course book and special multimedia tools, in addition to support service by phone.

Frequent Nomination Plan

  • In recognition of those clients who frequently nominate participants on public programs offered by ILLAFTrain, a special frequent nomination discount of 10% on paid fees will be given if 10 or more candidates are nominated per year.
  • This special discount will apply to the 10th paid nomination onwards on programs offered during this year. Moreover, clients who nominated 10 or more participants in the previous year will be eligible for the 10% discount for every nomination this year.

Several Nominations on the Same Program

In addition to the above plan, one extra free place is offered to any organization that makes 3 paid nominations for the same program and dates

Registration Terms

  • All nominations to our public programs are to be processed by the client's HR/Training department.
  • Self-Nominations to our public programs are to be paid in advance using the payment by self option on the online registration form. A refund will be issued back to the client in the event of program cancellation or seat unavailability.
  • Registration confirmation is subject to ILLAFTrain review of registration request and seat availability.

Cancellation Terms

If a confirmed registration has been canceled by a participant before 15 days of the program stating date, either he can nominate a substitute to attend the same program, or a 20% cancellation charge is applied on the original fees he had paid. However, if a confirmed registration is canceled by a participant within 15 days of the program stating date, either he can nominate a substitute to attend the same program, or the fees paid will be held as credits available to guarantee a place in the same program in another date. All credits must be used within one year from the date of the first payment.

Program Refund & Complaint Resolution Policies

For more ILLAFTrain regarding administrative policies such as refund and complaint, Please contact us